The gift of an empty room

Had a weird experience yesterday when I ran a writing workshop and only one person turned up - and she was 40 minutes late!  I'm quite accomplished at promoting my own writing events and I usually manage to drum up enough interest to make my workshops viable but, in this instance, I wasn't responsible for… Continue reading The gift of an empty room

Poetry Workshop with Martin Malone

Not another day must go by without me saying how much I enjoyed this recent workshop, another writing session organised by Hilda Sheehan who had recruited Martin Malone at the 11th hour to replace an unwell Carrie Etter (now, happily, recovered). Martin introduced himself by stating that what he wanted most when he signed up for a… Continue reading Poetry Workshop with Martin Malone

Publishing Your Poetry Seminar with Carrie Etter

A few weeks ago I took part in this practical and informative seminar and workshop run by Carrie Etter. This was a really useful and productive morning crammed with advice about how, where and when to submit my work.  One particularly helpful exercise was for each participant to analyse a poetry magazine, answering set questions… Continue reading Publishing Your Poetry Seminar with Carrie Etter

When is the best time to workshop a poem?

Anita Chapman's interesting blogpost about the benefits and drawbacks of taking excerpts from the first draft of a novel to a writing workshop has got me thinking about when it's best to take poetry.  At what stage of the writing process will scrutiny by others benefit a poem? It's a relevant question for me because I've… Continue reading When is the best time to workshop a poem?

Trowbridge, West Wiltshire, is on the map for National Flash-Fiction Day on May 16th, 2012

"Flash-fictions are short, short stories, small but perfectly formed, packing a huge punch in a small number of words.  On 16th May, all over the UK, events will be being held to celebrate these tiny gems."   National Flash-Fiction Day Trowbridge, a town with a population of about 28,000 people, in West Wiltshire, doesn't have a cinema (yet… Continue reading Trowbridge, West Wiltshire, is on the map for National Flash-Fiction Day on May 16th, 2012