Reading at The Poetry Café, Monday 8th December 7.30pm

Only 21 days to Christmas……….but before that I’ll be reading from my new pamphlet ‘The Misplaced House’ at The Poetry Café, Betterton Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9BX, on Monday, 8th December, 7.30pm.  There will also be readings by Matt Haw, Joe Duggan and Jo Bell, and tall-lighthouse Editor, Gareth Lewis, will be reading from Chelsea Cargill’s new collection as Chelsea is unable to be there.  It’s a free event, there’s a bar, and no gimmicky Christmas promotions in sight.

rabbit event

Hope to see lots of you there!





8 thoughts on “Reading at The Poetry Café, Monday 8th December 7.30pm”

  1. Sending all good wishes for your launch event(s), Josephine 🙂
    My copy’s pre-ordered, so I’m looking forward to it dropping through my letter box, very soon x


    1. Even more pleased for you, in that case! The look and feel of a book is almost as important as the quality of writing inside. And poor quality production always spoils the enjoyment of a good book, pamphlet or chapbook! Thanks for commenting (again!) x


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