Two poems from ‘Love and Stones’ at New Writing (UEA)

Over the Town by Marc Chagall. Two people holding onto each other and flying over a town.

I have two poems from my new chapbook Love and Stones on New Writing, an online project showcasing new writing from alumni, staff and students from the University of East Anglia (where I completed my MA in Creative Writing in 1997). I'd recommend that you read the poems on a laptop or similar, if possible,… Continue reading Two poems from ‘Love and Stones’ at New Writing (UEA)

My new chapbook ‘Love and Stones’ is available to pre-order

Cover of Love and Stones by Josephine Corcoran published by Live Canon. An ink and pen drawing of Avebury Stones by Sue Burns, 2023.

My new poetry chapbook Love and Stones is now available to pre-order from the small independent press Live Canon. Poems in this short collection are set where I live, against a Wiltshire backdrop of standing stones and henges, at the time of extreme heatwaves, a global pandemic and the start of the war in Ukraine.… Continue reading My new chapbook ‘Love and Stones’ is available to pre-order

‘Love and Stones’ my new chapbook coming soon

The image is a photo of Stonehenge taken from a car driving on the A303. The ancient stones can be seen in the near distance with faded green grass in the foreground and a blue sky with white clouds above.

Over the first May Bank Holiday weekend, I worked on my new chapbook/pamphlet Love and Stones published later this month by the small press Live Canon. This little book contains poems of love, family, and the climate crisis, set in a Wiltshire landscape of henges and standing stones at a time of heatwaves and the… Continue reading ‘Love and Stones’ my new chapbook coming soon

April News

Cover of The Big Calls by Glyn Maxwell

Some of you might have noticed that I deleted my previous post. Thank you if you read and commented. I deleted it after guidance from respected friends because there was a danger of centring myself in the issues I was discussing in the post, which was never my intention. April for me began with the… Continue reading April News

One of my visual poems at Angel House Press

A fallen branch of a begonia plant, leaves and flowers in varying states of decay arranged in two lines as if a poem. Handwritten text reads 'old age is actually infused with youthful things'.

One of my visual poems has been posted online by Angel House Press. My thanks to editor Amanda Earl. I wrote something about this poem and my visual work for Amanda’s Substack newsletter which you can read here.

Ecopoetry in the classroom and beyond – some resources and ideas

fallen leaves arranged in three lines as if a visual haiku

This post is a document of links to resources I've used in recent ecopoetry and nature poetry workshops and for my own writing. I've found these short films and poems helpful in classrooms, and elsewhere, in developing conversations and creative responses to the climate crisis. Some of the resources I mention were also included in… Continue reading Ecopoetry in the classroom and beyond – some resources and ideas

New Editor at And Other Poems

An empty bench in front of rough grass

A quick post to tell you I'm thrilled that And Other Poems, the poetry site I founded in 2012 and edited until earlier this year, is now owned and edited by poet and research student Tom Bailey, sponsored by Alvin Pang. Submissions are opening soon so do give them a follow. And Other Poems has… Continue reading New Editor at And Other Poems

February Update

Pieces of magazine paper variously tied in loose knots and pasted onto plain paper as if clothing. A simple face hand drawn on the page and a pair of legs beneath.

I ran another visual poetry workshop for Trowbridge Museum in February, I wrote something about the first one here, and there is one more scheduled for Saturday, 18th March, 10.30am - 12.30pm. The starting point of each workshop has been the work of poet George Crabbe, particularly his herbarium of dried plants and flowers, and… Continue reading February Update

January Update

paper variously coloured with swirling patterns laid out on a small round dining table

I've been having a lovely time making visual poems for my workshops at Trowbridge Museum which I wrote about here. This work lead me to think about ways to extend my visual poetry practice, greatly helped by an article by Geof Huth at the Poetry Foundation, and, in particular, the following quotes which gave me… Continue reading January Update

Flowers, visual poetry and George Crabbe’s herbarium in a workshop at Trowbridge Museum

A dried flower on a white page under clear cellophane.

I received an email from Hannah at Trowbridge Museum about some of my visual poems that she'd seen on social media, particularly the ones I'd made using wildflowers and plants (which I've mentioned before on this blog). Hannah asked if I could design and lead some flower-based visual poetry workshops for young people (aged 7+)… Continue reading Flowers, visual poetry and George Crabbe’s herbarium in a workshop at Trowbridge Museum