‘To Bring Me Luck’ – new poem

A new poem of mine was commended in the Poetry Society’s Stanza competition, a yearly event for people who are both members of  the Poetry Society and a Stanza (poetry groups run voluntarily by Society members).  As I’ve mentioned before, I organise the Trowbridge Stanza which meets on the first Saturday of every month at Drawing Projects UK, in Trowbridge, so I was eligible to enter this competition.

The Stanza Competition is ten years old and is free to enter for eligible poets.  Its theme is “the antithesis or balance to that year’s National Poetry Day theme”.  This year, the National Poetry Day theme was ‘change’ so the theme for the Stanza Competition was ‘tradition’.

You can read Richard Westcott’s winning poem, the poems of two runners up and the ten commended poems (including mine To Bring Me Luck which is my interpretation of the traditional rhyme ‘To bring her luck a bride must wear…’) here.

A big thank you to judge Penelope Shuttle and congratulations to all winning and commended poets.  I’m very pleased that this is the second poem from my ‘new batch’ (following the publication of my first full collection) to receive a nod of recognition.  My new theme, encompassing of ageing, older women, invisible women, the menopause, and support and camaraderie between women of different ages… is beginning to take shape!

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