Poetry responding to Climate Change: Simon Armitage

I enjoyed hearing Poet Laureate Simon Armitage’s poem ‘Ark’ on BBC Radio 4 this week.  The poem was written to commemorate the launch of the UK’s new polar research ship, the ‘Sir David Attenborough’.

Here is a clip of Simon Armitage reading the poem:


and here is a link to the poem on the poet’s website.  It’s a brilliant example of a poem engaging with climate change and would be particularly good to take into the KS3 & KS4 classroom – that’s students aged 11 – 16 (or for older KS2 students – 10 and 11 year olds).  I agree with poet and teacher Michael Rosen’s comment on Twitter:

…a poem full of the depth of the crisis, the resonance of survival taken from the Noah story and anglo-Saxon alliteration… great for intertextual ‘conversation’ between bible and climate change!

There’s more information about the polar research ship b
The Noah story can be found in Genesis, Chapter 8.
Image of melting glaciers from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.



3 thoughts on “Poetry responding to Climate Change: Simon Armitage”

  1. Thank you for posting Simon’s poem. I would have missed it otherwise. It’s stunning, which is rather an inadequate response to a poem which captures so much and brought forth tears. Thanks again.

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