Judges announced for Sarah Maguire Prize 2022

 Following the success of the inaugural Sarah Maguire Prize for Poetry in Translation, the Poetry  Translation Centre is delighted to welcome an esteemed line up of judges for the 2022 prize.  

The panel will be chaired by Rosalind Harvey, a critically acclaimed translator who co-founded the  Emerging Translators Network. She is joined by the poet, novelist and critic Kit Fan and Kyoo Lee, a  poet and professor of Philosophy at The City University of New York. 

‘I’m honoured to be chairing this excellent panel of judges for the 2022 Sarah Maguire Prize.  Now in its second year, the prize is a hugely welcome addition to the landscape of awards  that recognise both author and translator, as well as specifically focussing on authors from  beyond Europe, and I’m incredibly excited to read the work that comes in. It was as a new  graduate as yet unaware of the richness of the world of literary translation that I first met  Sarah Maguire at the Poetry Translation Centre in the early 2000s, the force of her  personality and poetic understanding helped nudge me along the endlessly rewarding and  surprising path that is the translation of literary works. It has always been important for  literary cultures to be able to cross-pollinate and speak to each other via translation, but  perhaps even more so now. Many of us turned to poetry during the pandemic as being the  only medium adequate to contain or respond to these new feelings of uncertainty, loss,  anger and adriftness on a grand scale. Along with my esteemed fellow judges, I am looking  forward to reading and raising up some exciting poets, and to sharing them with English language readers, so that together we might navigate these still strange times accompanied  by a diverse range of voices.’ 

Rosalind Harvey, Chair of the Judges 2022 

Now in its second year, the Sarah Maguire Prize celebrates the art of translation awarding both  winning poet and translator an equal share of a £3,000 prize fund. It was launched to recognise the  best book of poetry by a living poet from beyond Europe published in English translation and to  champion the art of poetry in translation. The prize was established in the memory of the poet Sarah  Maguire who was the founder of the Poetry Translation Centre and long-time advocate for  international poetry.  

The winner of the 2020 Sarah Maguire Prize was Anniversary Snow by Yang Lian, translated from the  Chinese by Brian Holton, with further translations by WN Herbert, L. Leigh, Lian Lizhen, Pascale Petit,  Fiona Simpson, George Szirtes and Joshua Weiner and published by Shearsman Books. 

The 2022 prize is open for submissions; the closing date for entries is 30th November 2021.  For further information on how to enter: 



Praise for the 2020 Sarah Maguire Prize Anthology from Daljit Nagra:

This is an astonishing anthology which ranges around the world to expand our appreciation of poetry and the many forms and realms it can inhabit.

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