I dreamt I won a poetry competition I hadn’t entered

I dreamt I won a poetry competition I hadn’t entered I wrote in my diary this morning and all at once it was November, month of daily blog posting, National Blog Posting Month or #NaBloPoMo.  So I am writing a blog post while the dream carries on glowing inside my mattress even though it is past midday and the bedclothes are cold and straightened.  But dreams persist beyond tidiness.

First, a couple of links to posts to do with other years of #NaBloPoMo:

This one from a year I didn’t blog every day but thought about it –   IDEAS AND PROMPTS FOR NABLOPOMO 

…and this one from 2016 when I did blog every day for a month – WORDY WEDNESDAY – #NABLOPOMO – WE DID IT!

How strange to dream about winning, especially as I hadn’t sent off a poem.  The actual competition remains mysteriously unknown to  me and there was no explanation in my dream about how I’d won a competition I hadn’t entered – the fact of my winning was nothing remarkable or exciting.  It wasn’t an ecstatically happy dream, nor was it stressful.  It’s true that I’m thinking about competitions more than usual because I’ve entered a few competitions (but not ones I’ve dreamt about).  Anyway, it’s unlikely that I’ll blog every day for a month but you never know.



6 thoughts on “I dreamt I won a poetry competition I hadn’t entered”

  1. Such a fertile creative source, dreams! I often have interesting/surreal/colourful dreams. Perhaps they could prompt my blogs if I got to do one every day this month… thanks for the ideas and prompts link which I’ll take a look at. Best of luck with the real comp entries Josephine 😀

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  2. Hi Josephine, you had better enter the next poetry competition you are going to WIN IT!! The Universe has decided.

    I have taken part in the April poem a day – NaPoWriMo – National Poetry Writing Month. I didn’t write anything at all for the following month…

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