New Year’s Eve Musings

I was about to tweet a happy tweet and post a happy post about my happy year, when our washing machine broke down and our boiler stopped working.  It was eerily uncanny, as if the Fairy who stops you feeling too smug had flown into my house and sprinkled some of her glum magic over … Continue reading New Year’s Eve Musings

Claudia Rankine in conversation in Bristol

I wanted to jot down some thoughts while they're still fresh in my head after hearing Claudia Rankine in conversation with David Olusoga in Bristol last Friday. The evening started with David Olusoga telling Claudia Rankine that  Citizen, Rankine's book of lyrical essays, fragments, and images of artwork, is like no other poetry book he's … Continue reading Claudia Rankine in conversation in Bristol

In which I send off a poem 

This week, I've spent a lot of time working on one poem for a competition.  I sent it off yesterday, Saturday, one day before the deadline. I don't know what's made me enter more competitions this year, it's not something I've ever done excessively, preferring instead to send my poems to magazines.  I suppose I … Continue reading In which I send off a poem 

Mostly waiting

There have been a lot of lovely things going on in the UK poetry world recently, including festivals in Birmingham and in Scotland, and a writing retreat in Cornwall, and they've all gone on without me, although I've enjoyed reading about them and seeing pictures on social media.  I would have gone to all of … Continue reading Mostly waiting

A visit to The Poetry Business in Sheffield

...and other thoughts about being away from home. I'm just back from three nights away in Sheffield where I met up with all but one of my Aldeburgh Eight friends.  We've been trying to meet up again for some time and we managed to arrange to converge in Sheffield for one of the famous Writing Days … Continue reading A visit to The Poetry Business in Sheffield

In which I entertain a charming visitor

This week has mostly been about me being ill - not seriously ill, just an annoying cold with horrible flu-type symptoms; feverish, aching limbs, bad headache.  Unfortunately I had to cancel our Poetry Society Stanza meeting at Trowbridge Town Hall and I was really sorry about that.  I felt that I might be contagious so … Continue reading In which I entertain a charming visitor

So, I’ll say, let’s have coffee

So, I'll say, let's have coffee and we'll go to a small café on a side-street in Italy or Spain or Portugal or France, somewhere far enough south that even in December we'll sit at an outside table in our coats and catch a little sunshine.  I'll order an espresso and I'll be wearing a beautifully tailored … Continue reading So, I’ll say, let’s have coffee

If we were having coffee…… #weekendcoffeeshare 26 November 2016

If we were having coffee it would almost definitely be tea and I'd tell you that I feel an urge to tie up loose ends.  What I mean is, I have an itch to finish projects, tidy things up, file papers, make decisions, clear my desk.  Is it because it's almost the end of another … Continue reading If we were having coffee…… #weekendcoffeeshare 26 November 2016

O Autumn!

after Anthony Wilson's To Autumn   I love walking I hate leaving the house I love wearing  wellies I hate rain in my socks I love the sound of rain hitting the windows I hate rain down the back of my neck I love the thought of coming home to a warm house I hate … Continue reading O Autumn!

My favourite pen and notebook

For years my favourite rollerball pen has been the Mitsubishi Vision Elite and it still holds a very dear place in my heart. Recently, however, I've been enticed by the fine-nibbed charms of the Mitsubishi Eye Needle.  I think Andrew brought one home from work and I liked it so much I bought a pack … Continue reading My favourite pen and notebook