Postcard from Camhina and Porto, Portugal

Here are a few photos from our holiday in Portugal a short while ago. I’d really recommend the house we rented and the general area. We flew from Bristol to Porto, rented a car at the airport and drove about 45 minutes north, to Camhina. The house was lovely – spacious, comfortable and well-equipped, and near to lots of beautiful, white-sand beaches. I wrote a review on TripAdvisor which you can read here.

All four of us went: me, husband Andrew, and our two teenagers (14 and 16) and, I must admit, we were expecting the house to have Wifi – which it doesn’t. But this turned out to be an absolute bonus! It’s made me plan new strategies for spending less time on the internet – I hope to return to this subject in a future post. Talking to each other, reading, playing cards and charades all took the place of web browsing.

Plus there was a pool and tennis court at the house (shared with six other houses) so I was able to step up my exercise quota. The nearby town of Camhina has a plentiful supply of cafes and restaurants with free Wi-Fi anyway, so our holiday wasn’t completely bereft of the interwebs.

There was a lot of sharing and swapping of books including Kitty’s copy of Wuthering Heights (handy to take an Eng Lit ‘A’ Level student with you on holiday!)

Porto itself is a truly stunning city and justifiably a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Easing myself back into the blogging business so expect a few new posts soon!

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