Where I am

Earlier this year, or possibly last year, I cannot remember exactly, as a way of being less distracted by social media, I tried to come off Facebook but rather than deleting my account I just switched off all notifications and deleted the app from my phone.  Facebook is still a useful place to share information … Continue reading Where I am

Notes from a Cluttered Desk

Like Julie Mellor and many others in the Poetry Blogging Network, I try to put something up on this blog each week.  Like Julie, I don't always manage it but, also like Julie, I thought I'd try again this week.  I don't always have something to say so I wonder if it's worth blogging.  At … Continue reading Notes from a Cluttered Desk

A quick update

I've been quiet on the blogging front recently.  I've done a few readings and events this year, all noted on my Diary/News page.  My review of Filigree: Contemporary Black British Poetry (Peepal Tree Press, 2018) has been published in the current issue of Under the Radar magazine.  I'm currently reading new collections published by Pavilion … Continue reading A quick update

All quiet on the blogging front

I'm not posting here as regularly as I used to.  It's possibly because I'm using Instagram as a kind of blog, posting a picture and a little commentary over there quite frequently.  It's an extremely easy way of posting so I can see why it's become so popular.  Are you on Instagram? Give me a follow … Continue reading All quiet on the blogging front

Goodbye 2016

It's my final post of the year so a good time to say thank you for reading my blog.  I've made many friends over the five years I've been blogging, some of whom I've become friends with in real life and some of whom I feel I'm friends with, even though we've only met on … Continue reading Goodbye 2016

Wordy Wednesday – #NaBloPoMo – we did it!

Well, friends, we've made it.  Thank you so much for being with me on this blogging extravaganza of thirty whole days!  And doesn't the world look different today? As I look out at our frosty garden, I can hardly believe that it's only been one month since my husband, Andrew, and our son were in … Continue reading Wordy Wednesday – #NaBloPoMo – we did it!

How to format poetry in WordPress (updated)

This is an update of my previous post about formatting poetry in WordPress because someone asked me how to format a prose poem this week and I realised I hadn't mentioned how to do that before. The two most useful poetry formatting tips I've learned are: Use 'Text' Editor rather than 'Visual' Editor. Adding the … Continue reading How to format poetry in WordPress (updated)

Summer is whizzing by

Summer is whizzing by and my head is filling up with to do lists.  At this point, they are mild-mannered and patient lists, humming softly to themselves as summer ripens around them, but once they cotton-on to shrinking daylight and cooler winds, once they catch sight of the date on the calendar and the dying … Continue reading Summer is whizzing by

Do you blog from your phone?

I learned so much from my previous post and not only about poetry pamphlets and poetry collections! First, I learned that it's OK to quickly type a post and press publish: not every post requires hours of planning and drafting.   Second, it's OK to ask you (yes, you, dear reader) questions and seek out your opinion - … Continue reading Do you blog from your phone?

New Blogging Event: What’s in my pocket?

This is an invitation to take part in a new blogging event  'What's in my pocket (or bag) and what does it say about me?'  All you have to do is to publish a new blog post which includes an image of what's in your pocket/bag and a brief explanation about it.  Link back (pingback) to this … Continue reading New Blogging Event: What’s in my pocket?